You can listen JB Radio2 either via your browser or via a standalone player like Winamp,iTunes,Windows Media,foobar and VLC.
We recommend the VLC Player as it works fine in any Os(Windows,Linux,Mac),plays all streams and it's free!Get it here!

JB Radio2 HTML5 Audio Web Player
This is the best option for you.No Flash and designed for all devices and browsers.

If Web player doesn't work or if you'd prefer a specific player, choose one of the links below.

MP3 320K Links


For slow connections or mobile devices

AAC+ 64K Links


Listen via TuneIn Radio
Click here to listen via the TuneIn Radio

Ogg Vorbis stream
192K M3U

OPUS stream

192K M3U - With song metadata*

*This stream can play correctly with (foobar player)

FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec)

2000K M3U - Without song metadata


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